Public Service Super Heroes. That’s what our Trade Unions is calling them, and your  Recar Labour team totally agree. As we strip society down to the essentials, those that ensure the key services still function are revealed from the shadows. Our amazing NHS and those close to our Newcastle heart, our Local Government Workers.

These past weeks have shown us that, no matter what is placed in their path, those in service of the public will keep the show on the road; keep our vital services going; look after us when we are sick; keep us safe; keep the supermarket shelves stocked; keep collecting our rubbish; and keep delivering warm words and a hot meal to our vulnerable older residents. Respecting their value.

And the response from our communities, offering up their time and resources to volunteer has been extraordinary, but not surprising, it is a Redcar and Cleveland strength. Now even more so neighbours are looking out for each other and acts of kindness have become the order of the day. Existing and newly formed Community and voluntary organisations have come together to create new projects in response to the need created by Coronavirus.