The coronavirus crisis has left millions of people up and down the country with an uncertain future, struggling to make ends meet.
In England, 1.3 million kids rely on Free School Meals. Parents know how important a healthy diet is for children – and for children from struggling families, these meals are a lifeline. Once school is out, these families’ kids get left behind.
Since schools closed because of the crisis, a voucher scheme has made sure these children don’t go hungry. Now, the Government is planning to take these vouchers away.
We’re calling on the Government to make sure no child goes hungry this summer by funding Free School Meals.
In the long-term we need to tackle the causes of child poverty. Right now, we need the Government to step up and make sure the 1.3 million kids don’t go hungry this summer.
With us?
Sign the petition below through this link and email your MP with the templated letter. Thank you.

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